Providing the Latest Updates During the Coronavirus/COVID-19 Pandemic

Organization Updates

We have set up screenings outside all of our Health Center sites to ensure patients are screened before entering the facility.

Please contact the Health Center before visiting.  While we continue to provide in-person visits for patients facing acute or emergent medical or dental concerns, we have also incorporated telehealth appointments and may be able to provide your care virtually at this time.   

You can contact us at the numbers listed below for the following services:

  • Medical records: 508-852-1805
  • New patient services: 508-852-1805
  • Insurance assistance: 508-595-0726
  • Optometry services: 508-595-1154

City Updates

The City of Worcester has developed a list of community resources to connect individuals with city-wide services to help fill their basic needs during this difficult time.  Please visit the link here.

The Worcester Public Schools are providing free meals for students and their families during schools closures. They will be operating on their Summer Meals schedule.  Complete schedule with outreach sites can be found here.

The Framingham Public Schools are also providing free meals to students during school closures.  Designated schools will be open for meal pick-up during certain hours through the week.  Please find their schedule here. 

State Updates

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts website is updated daily with pertinent statewide information about the coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak.  Please visit the link here.

National Updates

For the latest national updates on the coronavirus/COVID-19, please visit the CDC website here.