Director of Finance

Director of Finance 2017-03-30T14:36:16+00:00

Daniel “Dan” Parra joined Edward M. Kennedy Community Health Center in January 2016 as Director of Finance.

Born in Bogotá-Colombia, Dan is a proactive trilingual business administrator (Major in Finance) with over twenty years of local and international experience in a number of key areas including: Corporate Finance, Accounting, Auditing, Project and General Management, Logistics and Marketing. He gained his health care expertise working for four years at Harbor Health Services, a federally qualified community health center located in the Greater Boston area.

Dan also co-founded and managed a manufacturing company in Brazil for six years, gaining important knowledge on strategic planning, aggressive marketing strategies, personnel management and cost optimizing.

Building a successful team is key for every organization. Dan believes teamwork hinges on mutual respect, and a team leader should carry the heavy responsibility of ensuring everyone works well together, contributes to overall goals, and stays on task.