Learning about Cultural Differences, One Patient at a Time

Learning about Cultural Differences, One Patient at a Time

Our provider, Dr. Allian Iffih, was featured on the MetroWest Health Foundation’s blog about her journey from growing up in Jamaica, moving to America, and realizing her dream of providing healthcare to underserved, diverse populations. Read below for the article.

Posted By: Michelle Hillman on 6/27/2013

Growing up in Jamaica Allian Iffih believed she was headed for a career as an accountant. It was not until she moved to the United States did she realize that her true calling had nothing to do with filing tax returns.

When Iffih moved to America in 1993 at the age of 15, she experienced what is now many of her patient’s realities: she was an immigrant; she had no insurance and lacked access to health care. She was inspired to work with the underserved population because she could identify with their struggles.

Continue reading the article at the MetroWest Health Foundation’s Website.

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