At Edward M. Kennedy Community Health Center our combined staff of 350 people speaks 29 languages and comes from 35 countries. Seventy-two percent of our staff are bilingual, of which 13% are trilingual. We employ staff whose backgrounds reflect the diversity of our client community. Increasingly, we recruit trilingual staff (primarily fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese). All staff members receive ongoing cultural competency training.

All of our physicians are residency trained and board certified. Our Medical Team includes family practice physicians, internists, pediatricians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, optometrists, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, registered nurses, chronic disease nurse case managers, medical assistants, nursing assistants, licensed dieticians, certified diabetes educators, HIV counselors and case managers, childbirth educators, certified lactation counselors and consultants, and patient navigators. We have specialists on site including: obstetricians, gynecologists, podiatrists, cardiologists, dermatologists, infectious disease specialists, pulmonologists, and ophthalmologists.

Our Dental Team includes dentists, oral surgeons, dental hygienists, dental assistants, dental educators, and dental lab technicians, along with support staff who provide services at two dental sites in Worcester, one in Clinton, and one in Framingham.

Our Behavioral Health and Social Service team includes psychiatrists, psychologists, licensed social workers, psychotherapists, caseworkers, and home visitors.

Our staff also includes health educators, youth educators, patient advocates, community health workers, and interpreters for Spanish, Portuguese, Albanian, Nepali and Arabic. These positions are critical to effective service delivery, outreach to hard-to-reach underserved communities, providing health education, helping clients navigate the health care system, and advocating for clients.

Current List of Providers


Medical Providers: 19 Tacoma Street

  • Alfred, Bronwyn NP
  • Azaroff, Lenore MD
  • Bay, Zachary MD
  • Cooksey, Alicia NP
  • Deglialberti, Jessica FNP
  • DelDotto, Dana PharmD
  • Dobles, Elizabeth MD
  • Eisley, Robin FNP
  • Ganem-Rosen, Arielle NP
  • Gillingham, Tyler NP
  • Grecchi-Seyral, Greta NP
  • Hallowell, Toshal PharmD
  • Hernandez, Pablo MD (Chief Medical Officer)
  • Kerr, Jamie NP
  • Kostecki, Anita MD
  • Mathews, Abigail NP
  • McMahan, Anna MD
  • Moore, Molly MD
  • Pai, Shubha MD
  • Patel, Aesha PharmD
  • Patrick, Heather NP
  • Peralta, Stefania NP
  • Pojani, Elonia PharmD
  • Poku-Mensah, Dilys NP
  • Randall, Julia MD
  • Rawla, Jaya NP
  • Raymond, Donna FNP
  • Robbins, Stacie PharmD
  • Siegler, Kim PharmD (Director of Pharmacy)
  • Schechter, Mark DPM
  • Shah, Lisetta MD
  • Teixeira, Amaryllis (Pina) FNP
  • Zheng, Anna MD

Nutritionists: 19 Tacoma

  • Holden, Suzanne LDN
  • Sanchez, Rosy RD

Optometrists: 631 Lincoln Street

  • Coyne, Sandra
  • Han, Mengli OD
  • Papandrea, Joseph OD
  • Seshadri, Jayasree OD
  • Stamm, Joseph OD

Dental Providers: 19 Tacoma Street

  • Aji, Ali DMD
  • Aldarawecheh, Firas RDH
  • Bampo Addo, Kyeremaa RDH
  • Clark, Michael RDH
  • Coull, Meaghan RDH
  • Ebers, Heidi RDH
  • Esfandiari, Gelareh RDH
  • Genna, Brian DMD (VP, Dental)
  • Jabah, Ehab DMD
  • Kateb, Lucy DMD
  • King, Tina (Dental practice Manager)
  • Mungovan, Rachel RDH
  • Nadimpalli, Parvathi DMD
  • Naik, Kiran DMD
  • Pahari, Ganga BDS
  • Telikicherla Kandala, Shanti Smitha DMD

Behavioral Health and Social Service Providers: 19 Tacoma Street

  • Aydın, Kübra LMHC
  • Costigan, Laurie PsyD (Clinical Director of Behavioral Health)
  • Durning, Caroline LICSW (Assistant Director of Behavioral Health)
  • Eusebio, Justin PMHNP
  • Florman, Laura PMHNP
  • Herrman, Kathleen PsyD
  • Jarman, Vannary LICSW
  • Madonna, Jeffrey LMHC (Vice President of Behavioral Health)
  • Maneri, Lucia LMHC
  • Margulis, Maria LMHC
  • Marles Orabone, Randy LMHC
  • Martins, Tatiana MA
  • McLaren, Demi LICSW
  • O’Callaghan, Edileia LCSW
  • Pratt, Nancy MD
  • Skalski, Olivia PsyD
  • Vandroux, Adriana LMHC
  • Waters, Richard PsyD
  • Worrell, Sylvia DO


Medical Providers: 354 Waverly Street

  • Brown, Emily NP
  • Cotulbea, Elena MD
  • Garad, Teresia NP
  • Marwill, Sandra MD
  • Matz, Marianne NP
  • Richmond, Gillian MD
  • Shah-Canning, Deval MD (Pediatrics) (Medical Director)
  • Solomon, Deena MD
  • Wu, Emily MD

Dental Providers: 354 Waverly Street

  • Carpentier, Nelson DMD
  • Myung, Mijung DMD
  • Rivera Doi, Danielle DMD
  • Rodovalho, Manuela RDH
  • Tran, Phi DMD
  • Vakili, Nader DMD

Behavioral Health and Social Service Providers: 354 Waverly Street

  • Andreazi, Percy LMHC
  • Brusky, Susan MSW
  • Dos Santos, Rafaela PMHNP
  • Lewis, Andrea LICSW

Optometrists: 354 Waverly Street

  • Behrens, Kristen
  • Damico-O’Connor, Jennifer OD
  • Han, Mengli OD
  • Frank, Louis OD
  • Shultz, Mark OD


Medical Providers: 42 Cape Road

  • Caulfield, Heather PA
  • D’Ottavio, Gina MD
  • Engel, Sydney NP
  • Kells, Deirdre NP
  • Norton, Cynthia DO
  • Salvi, Stephanie NP
  • Tran, Jennifer MD

Behavioral Health and Social Service Providers: 42 Cape Road

  • Dos Santos, Rafaela PMHNP
  • Margulis, Maria Luz LCSW