On behalf of the Board of Directors and the entire staff, I would like to welcome you to the Edward M. Kennedy Community Health Center, formerly known as Great Brook Valley Health Center.

Our mission is to help people live healthier lives through our high quality, comprehensive health services in your community.  When you come to the health center for care, we want you to feel comfortable and well cared for… but more than that, we want you to be a partner in your care.  We want you to understand, to ask questions, and to be aware that you can work in partnership with the staff to make life choices that will lead to your improved health.

Please take the time to read the information on this website, and the brochures that are given to you when you visit the health center.  It will help you get to know us and it will help us to meet your needs.  We look forward to working with you.

Welcome to your new health care home!

Stephen J. Kerrigan
President and CEO

Dear Patient:

Please be aware that when a provider or other staff member is calling on behalf of Kennedy Community Health, you will see our 800 number in the caller ID. We are sharing this with you so you know that 800-853-2288 refers to Kennedy Community Health. We suggest that you put this number in your contact list. Thank you.

Estimado paciente:

Tenga en cuenta que cuando un proveedor de salud u otro miembro de nuestro personal lo llama a nombre de Kennedy Community Health, usted verá en su identificador de llamadas nuestro número 800- 853-2228. Le sugerimos que guarde este número en su lista de contactos. Muchas Gracias.

Prezado Paciente:

Certifique-se que quando um prestador de cuidados médicos ou qualquer funcionario lhe telefona em nome do Kennedy Community Health Center, você veja nosso 800 número no seu telefone, Estamos lhe informando isso para que saiba que o número 800 853-2288 é o nosso número de telefone e sugerimos que você tenha este número nos seus contatos.